Calico Allie Cat

So, several people have asked to see a photo of the hair disaster.  We'll refer to it hence as the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Here's the stealth cellphone photo I took at my desk:

Dark.  And Lovely.

The general consensus is it's fine. I think I may wait on professional intervention.  Find someone good a few weeks from now who can right this ship.  As it were.

Now, in looking at this, you may notice something a little different.  A little blingy.  In the proboscular region.

How could I possibly forgotten to tell you?  I got my nose pierced!

I did it while I was in Maine, and I love it.  Love.  LOVE.

In fact, I may order myself a little nose bling today.  something bigger than what's currently in there - and maybe a pretty color...

That's all I have.



You're working the hair. The nose...I keep thinking OW OW OW. I'd make a terrible biker chick/ punk rocker/ Hot Topic employee.