Sometimes, I get on a little musical kick...

One of my colleagues and I were having a discussion about...well, I don't remember entirely, but it was about a topless doughnut shop in Portland, Maine.  It doesn't exist any more.  Well, that evolved into a discussion about Americans being uncomfortable with sex but not violence.  At some point, my colleague quoted a line from the musical 1776 basically saying, "We're not all from Boston", that is - we don't aren't all so liberated.

As it happens, I've never seen 1776, but I'm compelled now to rent it.  Back during my satellite radio years, though, I got familiar with the songs, and for the rest of that day, "He Plays The Violin" was on endless loop in my brain.

Cut to a few days later, I landed in Philadelphia.  Where, of course, it is set.  And I couldn't stop thinking of the line "It's hot as hell in Phila-DEL-phia."

So I downloaded both songs, plus, "But, Mr. Adams!"

I think it's time to share:

I love this.   I love that at 41, he still has his virilty.  And he can romp through Cupid's Grove with great agility.

But life is more than sexual combustibility.

Just listen.