So, two weeks from now, I'll be in the Pine Tree State. Seriously!

Quite a flag, you have there, Maine.

I was talking to one of my friend/co-workers about my trip and he asked if I was going up to do work, or to chill, or some of both.

I explained that I'd made a business case to go, and that I had plenty of things planned that were work, or work-adjacent, but that my reason for going was (and brace yourself for this):

I was on a mission to spread some goodwill.

I thought he would laugh in my face, and he could have.

But he got it,  or at least, he pretended to.  I'm pretty sure he believed me though.

The thing is, I'm not Santa Claus.  I may bring a few treats for my hosts of the Goo Goo Cluster variety, but it's not like I come in largesse.

Although, given my non-compliance at Weight Watchers, I come with a little larger ass than I'd prefer.

But enough of that for a moment.

What I do have, by the boatload, is charm, energy, enthusiasm, jokes, smiles and laughter.

So I was telling my mother a few days ago that my plan was to be an ambassador.

I know, I know it sounds arrogant as hell.  Because, it is.

 But here's the thing - I had two conversations today alone that make me think I can do it.

Conversation #1:  As I was leaving for lunch, one of our recent hires introduced herself to me, and I realized after we parted that I'd never told her my name.  I found her after I came back and sheepishly apologized.  She said, "Oh, I knew who you were - the lady with the leis."

Conversation #2:  As I was coming back from lunch, I rode up with a colleague who complimented me on my work emceeing the quarterly meeting a few weeks ago.  He said they should make that my full time job - sort of permanent court jester.

I should explain that these two conversations refer to the company-wide meeting where, this quarter, I wore a grass skirt, gave leis to all the speakers and sang an impromptu serenade to our new hires.  Which I made up.  Not the tune, the lyrics.  The tune was "Here She Is, Miss America".

So, it was a good day.  Did I mention that my work husband's nickname for me is Attention Whore?  I think I've mentioned that.

Only like a bajillion times, though.

So, good people of Skowhegan, I come in peace.  I come bringing sunshine and (metaphorical) lollipops. 

I found out that while I'm there, both the Maine State Fair and the New Balance Tent Sale will be in full swing.

And my friends have been kind enough to offer their companionship and hospitality.

Maybe they're the ambassadors, and this trip is so that I can refuel my tank.

That's probably a better, truer way to look at it.