Guns and roses, hold the roses.

So, here’s how I feel about guns.  I don’t personally get the appeal of them.

I respect that they are useful for shooting and killing things/people.

To that end, they are a tool.  And I don’t get obsessed about tools.  Like, I enjoy having a screwdriver to use when I need it, but I don’t spend a lot of time talking about, thinking about, researching screwdrivers.

Look at the torque on that thing, baby! Yow!!!

I have a lot of friends and family members who enjoy guns as recreation and again, that’s their thing.  I appreciate that they enjoy it, but I don’t see the appeal.  I don’t see the appeal of playing golf either.

I’m not anti-gun, at least, not inherently.

What I am is anti-violence.  So, when people use guns to hurt other people, I have a problem.  I mean, I’m anti-war, so that makes sense (I am pro-troops, though).

I don’t think that people should have semi-automatic weapons for recreational use.  Those are for killing things/people quickly – and that’s not sport, that’s violence.

I told a friend the other day, you buy a semi-automatic, it’s because you have a tiny penis and can’t afford a sports car. I don't have empirical data, but that feels true.

So, I don’t know – I respect the constitutional right to bear arms.  I don’t want to bear my own arms, and I feel pretty sure that our forefathers basically meant for us to protect ourselves, but not get douchey about it.

That’s what I think.

Also, I think shooting the hell out of lots of people in a movie theater isn’t in keeping with the general pursuit of happiness.

I have a lot of feelings about guns, violence and stuff.

I’m still working through them.

But yeah – shooting deer, shooting targets – fine.

Shooting someone who is coming at you and threatens to hurt you…OK.

Having a gun for either of those occasions – OK, that’s your choice – I don’t want one, but that’s fine if you do.