Call me, maybe?

So, I've made no secret over the years that I have basic social anxiety.  Parties are terrifying to me even though I love throwing them.

I had a panic attack on the day of my wedding shower.  The day of my actual wedding, I was cool as a cucumber.  Go figure.

So, here's what's crazy.  Even though I get nervous before I have to train, I have no problem getting up in front of my company to host an all-hands meeting.

And I have no problem deciding halfway through the meeting that I'm going to make up fake words to "Here she is, Miss America" and sing it while they run the slideshow of new hires.

And so that's what I did today.

Because it's what makes me feel alive.

My friend Jim calls me "attention whore".  He's right.  Totally.

Meanwhile - I sent my colleagues in Maine some of the preserves I made in April - they were happy.  I love feeding people.  That too makes me feel alive.  One of my new teammates even sent a nice e mail to introduce herself because my friends up there "speak highly" of me.  Sweeeeet!

Tomorrow, I am taking the day off.  I need a little mental health break.  I scheduled a massage, I'm having lunch with a friend, I'm going to the radio station to tape a promo about the 2012 Jack's Day Off contest.   I may do some shopping.  I'll hit a class at the Y.  I might go sit in a coffee shop.  I just don't know.  I do know it'll be awesome.

Speaking of Awesome:

I got back last night from Atlantic City.  Two amazing things happened.

1.  I walked the boardwalk, where my colleague Greg took a photo of me with Barry Manilow's handprints:

Music and passion are always in fashion.

2.  I played a slot machine called Kitty Glitter (it took me two days to pick up on the pun) and won $100.20 -  technically, I won $95.20, having put in a $5.  Still.

It's actually more awesome than it looks.

So, yeah, kind of a great time in AC.

The point is, I have fun.  Because I hunt it down, grab it with both hands and wrestle it to the ground.  I advise you to do the same.