So, I have a little something going on.

It's a cold or sinuses or something.  But I have a cough, my lungs  and it sucks.   I went to see the doctor, she gave me an inhaler and suggested Mucinex and fluids and rest.

Which... it's fine.  But I need to get better.

I have big plans.

There's a huge Zumbafest at the YMCA on Saturday.  8-11.  The question is, how long can I last?  I like my odds, if I can clear the crud.

And then, I've been given the clearance to go to Maine - the question is whether I go before NY or after.  After feels more organic.  We'll see.

I can't wait. 

But again, if I can clear up the crud, lose the low-grade fever.  Maybe...

And with that, I have nothing more to tell you.