Um, no.

So, I don't like to go all Mr. Blackwell on people, especially given that I have my own sartorial issues.  Namely, an over-dependence on paisley.

But I saw this woman walking into the building yesterday and managed to get my phone out and surreptitiously snap this photo, which, honestly, doesn't even do her shoes justice.

What we have here is a snakeskin gladiator sandal/espadrille platform cork wedge with zippers, buckles and  what appeared to be Incan inspired tooled metal plates on the instep.

Basically, she had a LOT going on with these shoes.  It was like seven different types of shoes had an orgy, made a baby and this was the result.

And as you can see, her feet are kind of spilling out over the sides.  At least her legs were shaved and moisturized.

But she couldn't walk in the damn things.  I watched her wobble and totter across the lobby.  So not only were they hideous, they weren't even redeemingly practical.

Anyway, confidential to the nice lady in the orange dress - ditch the shoes, get yourself a cute pair of bronze ballet flats and you'll look a lot less awkward.  Also, where'd you get the dress?  It's totes presh!



Surreptitiously taking pictures of strangers' shoes may be the first sign of a problem. Blowing them up to poster size and hanging them in your bedroom is the second. I, uh, read that somewhere.