Red and Green

So, there aren't a lot of men who darken the door of my Wednesday night Weight Watchers meeting.  I've seen less than a dozen in two years, and they rarely stay.

We have currently two regulars.

Greg, of Susie and Greg - retired couple - she does all the cooking, tracking, shopping, etc.  Greg just eats what Susie puts in front of him.

And Gary.  I like Gary.  He's a 40something man who puts up with the heavy levels of estrogen with a smile.  He has lost over 30 pounds.  And this week, he just got back from a long family jaunt to Europe.

Now, before he left, we briefly talked about his plans - there were like 15 family members all going - flying into Amsterdam, going to Maastricht to meet the family that has been tending his great uncle's grave since WWII, then to Belgium, finally Paris.

So, he was giving us the lowdown about everything.  Me, and Sharon (the college professor) and her daughter Christy (the second grade teacher).

At the end, I looked at him and said with a raised eyebrow, "So, I have to ask...did you?"

Gary shrugged and said sheepishly that of course he did.

Sharon laughed and said she was going to ask the same thing but decided not to.

It was then that I decided the question I asked wasn't the one he answered.  Oops.

I clarified that I had meant the Red Light District.  He clarified that he was talking about special brownies.  But that yes, of course he had hit the district as well.

I think it's interesting that my mind went to sex, his went to drugs.  I think the rock and roll these days is a given.

So, good for you Gary - enjoying all that Amsterdam has to offer.  I forgot to ask if he went to the Anne Frank house...

Or the Van Gogh museum.

Or ate any gouda, or rode on the canal.  No, I went straight for the debauchery.

Would we expect less?