Plus ça change, plus c'est quelquechose different.

So, here's something interesting... about four years ago, I wrote this. 

It was about my new toy, a ukulele that Matt gave me as a much needed distraction from the fact that Dad was still quite sick so we were driving there every weekend and kenneling Lola (which was both emotionally and financially bankrupting me),  Laura and Tom had a brand new baby, and my beloved boss had just left the company.  In short, I was in a bad way.  I was terrified, tired, jealous, bereft, overwrought and depressed.  And tired.  Did I mention tired?  A quick re-read from that time period makes me look like I temporarily lost about 45 IQ points.  I was not nearly as snappy on the comeback or even frankly, that coherent.

In retrospect, the timing was off.  As much as I wanted to take my angst out on four strings, a hobby requiring practice, patience, coordination, dedication and fine motor skills was not my best option.  Closing my office door (I do miss those days) and quietly sobbing for five or ten minutes every morning seemed to be more therapeutic.  Also, some primal scream therapy on extended car rides helped.

And here we are today.  Dad is better.  OK, he's not perfect, but Mom has retired, and they're enjoying their time together, they're happy.  Laura and Tom have cute, healthy four-year-old Henry, and they're out in California living the dream.   I still miss my beloved boss, but we're going to have sushi sometime this week or next.  And I have a new beloved boss.  And my job is amazing.   I am happy, I am still tired, but I haven't been this happy since... ever.

To wit - I'm making new friends all the time.  There are two gentlemen, Derek and Andrew,  from our Maine office that I befriended just by being at the right place at the right time.  They wandered over to talk with my boss, and I started chatting with them and thought, OK, these two seem nice - I need to get to know them.

The more I learn, the more I find to like.  We're going to take them out the next time they're in town.  I'll take pictures.

So somehow, it came about that Andrew is learning ukulele.  You can read his blog *here*.  Don't go if you're hungry.  Anyway, I mentioned my failed attempt and he has offered to school me.

There's only one challenge.  The red ukulele I blogged about four years ago is gone with the wind.  Sort of, and almost literally.

So, remember the tornado that happened in 2009?  Well, for reasons I don't recall, the uke was in the trunk of my car, and due to all the glass breakage, water damage and so forth, I had to pitch it (and a ton of other things too).

I miss that car.  I miss that car every day.

Anyway, today, I decided to listen to my inner child.  And my inner child said, "I want a toy!"

So I stopped at Guitar Center near my house and bought a new ukulele.

Sadly, it's not red.

I still suck (and Matt picked up the damn thing and was making music before it was even tuned, dammit), but perhaps now I have the capacity required to learn. I have a friend who seems patient and is willing to impart his wisdom.

I will call him... Stitchface.

So.  Here we go.