No show, all tell.

A few more things to share today:

- When I'm happy, I whistle.  When I'm stressed, I whistle Peter and the Wolf.

- Sometimes I'm inordinately impressed with my ability to come up with the exact right word that I need.  The other day, it was vulpine (of, or pertaining to foxes).  Other times, I look up words I think I know to make sure I'm using them right.  I love words.

- I took a test to see if I was anywhere on the Asperger's spectrum.  I'm not.  So, instead, I'm just socially awkward.  I'm OK with that, but it would be easier if I could blame my inability to read cues on a trendy diagnosis.

- I would like, for one week of my life, to be traffic-stoppingly, heart-breakingly, jaw-droppingly beautiful.  Just one week.  I think it would be interesting, though I suspect I'd come away realizing that every plus has a minus.  Which I already know.  But still.

- I colored my hair again, and I don't think I like it.  It feels super fakey fake.  I need to get a professional involved, but I'm not up for spending that kind of money.

- Sometimes, I wonder if I could write romance novels.  I used to read them from time to time in my 20s.  What's interesting about them is that the sex scenes are usually the most boring part.  It's all the conflict and angst that is enjoyable.  I think I know plenty about conflict and angst.  The rest, well, I know enough about that too.  I can't type "his throbbing member" and keep a straight face, though.  So I'm out.

- I found out that the gas station near our house has Sugar Free Icees.  I only realized this after getting a full sugar Coke Icee.

- Speaking of Coke,  it has different meanings in different regions and contexts.  So when our customer told us about a new Coke Plant they were building near their Ohio facility, I asked if it would be bottling or distribution.  Turns out, they meant coal, not cola.  My face was as red as a Coke can.  I may be a little Atlanta-centric.  And dumb.

-  Cincinnati was fun.  Now I just have Chicago, Philly and possibly San Antonio... for now.

- I write in SkyMall catalogs when I travel.  Sometimes just comments about dumb products.  Sometimes I write a letter to whomever is reading the catalog about what's going on in my life.

- I haven't found a SkyMall that someone else has written in...yet.

- I hate being asked for advice on situations that are inherently no-win.  Because no matter what advice I give... well, duh.

- There's this woman I work with, and every time she talks to me, she treats me as gingerly as you would someone whose cat who just died.  It's vaguely hilarious.

- Every time I think nothing can surprise me, something does.

- There's this girl on Facebook - I'm friends with her and she's always complaining about her mother.  What she doesn't realize is... she has turned into her mother!!! I keep hoping someone will point that out to her.  I know her mother too.

- One of my old high school teachers is in jail for an inappropriate relationship with one of his students.  When I heard this, I was not the least bit surprised.

- We were having breakfast at the airport this morning, and a TV at the bar had CNN playing a story about how unsafe air travel is.  Epic fail.  Breakfast was delicious, though.

I guess that's enough for now.