I feel like sharing.

Here are some things I think you should know.

- I'm not afraid of snakes and spiders, per se, but they do startle me, if I'm not expecting to see them.

- I'm actually really easily startled - ask Matt - he scares the living hell out of me unintentionally  at least once a week.

- I'm easily startled in part because I suspect I am a little hard of hearing.  I should probably look into that.

- So, my last quarter at UGA, I took a Play Writing class through the Drama department.  I made a C.  I have a number of excuses, all of them pretty thin.  Essentially, my boyfriend and I were taking the class together, it was an 8:30 class and we were young, dumb and lazy.  What can I say?  We slept in and missed class.  A lot.  I made Bs in my other two classes - an intro to Acting class and a Screenwriting class.  Yes, I raised the bar daily.  I also never told my parents about that C.  They don't really read this blog, but I think the statute of limitations has run out on this particular indiscretion.

- I made a total of 4 Cs in college.  The aforementioned writing class, plus Statistics, Weather & Climate, and Economics.  I made a lot of As and Bs, too though.  I had a 3.2 overall, so I can say I'm completely average.  Although, to be fair, Journalism wasn't the most academically rigorous major.  The French minor was a bit tougher. 

- I love getting pedicures.  I got one today.  I got a color called "Swimsuit...Nailed It!"  from OPI. I like the fun colors.  I also have no problem paying people to debarnacle my feet.  They're professionals. 


- I'm headed to Cincinnati tomorrow.  I am not super stoked about the training, or about the locale, but my colleague Eric and I are planning a 3-way....bowl of chili at Skyline.  Just saying.

Well, hello there...

- Our other colleague, Greg, is going to a ballgame.  I respect his choices, but I think Eric and I will have more fun.

- If you Google my maiden name + loser, you'll find an old Wall Street Journal article that calls me a loser.  In context, it's not as bad as it sounds.

- Lola is over on the couch dreaming about chasing a bunny.  I assume.  Maybe she's dreaming that she has a final in obedience school and she has now idea how to sit.

With that, I think I'll hit the hay.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day.  Full of planes, training, automobiles and of course, chili.

Wish me luck.  The Tums are packed.