Baby, if you ever wondered...

It's Saturday morning, and I find that once again, I'm up far too early for the time I went to bed.

But, here I am.

I should suck it up and get ready and go to Water Aerobics.  I'm tempted to skip that in favor of Zumba this afternoon, though - Zumba is a better workout.  But, I do Water Aerobics less often, so I'd be working a different set of muscles, etc.

I don't know.  If I weren't so tired.

And since there's nothing less compelling than reading about someone else's fatigue, I'll move on.

I am headed to Cincinnati on Monday.  A quick trip, but my first real foray into Ohio.

Then, the fiscal quarter comes to a grinding halt, and we start all over again.

I need to get together invitations for the annual picnic at Goshen.  I also need to get a new pedicure.  I was going to try and hold off, but I find that it's better to face facts and let someone spend 45 minutes dealing with my hooves.  I'll be in the massage chair, zoning out if you need me.

What color should I do, though?  Probably either red or blue to go with the upcoming holiday.

As the kids say these day, "whatevs".

Yeah, this is not one of my finer posts.  They can't all be en fuego.  Lo siento.