Wild Hair/Hare

For reasons I can't even fully explain, I found myself walking down the haircare aisle, such as it is, at Kroger this afternoon.

I picked up and purchased this:

And tonight, I used it.

I don't know. It's a lot redder than I expected.  But it's non-permanent, so in a month, it won't matter.

And my grays?  Gone.  It's definitely not my natural color, but it's not as weird as the time I dyed my hair...mahogany.  Which, twenty years ago was super cool.

Frankly after all the greasy scarf and headband hair from last summer, it's welcome change.

And in my mind, I look like this girl, right here:

Hey Robin Sparkles, let's go to the mall...today.


I'll let you know once I take it into daylight.