Real Tomato Catsup

Basically, I've been MIA for a while.  Technically, I was BNA, then MDW, then MSY.

This time last week, I was eating dinner with my new BFFs from Underwriters Laboratories.  

The trip to UL went better than I could have hoped.  Honestly - I was en fuego.  It was amazing.  I knew my product, I looked and sounded professional.  I can't help but wonder if maybe I really am finally a grownup.

Although, to be fair, we did do some kid stuff in our off hours.

Exhibit A:

Great hot dogs, great atmosphere and people watching par excellence!

This was Tuesday night dinner.  It was amazing.  I also ate deep dish pizza for the first time.  It was insane.

Wednesday, we got to tour the Fire Protection Lab, where they kindly set this wooden cube on fire for us.

Exhibit B:

Heh...hehh, heh.  Fire!  Fire!

Thursday night, we went to this amazing electronic store called Abt, where we spent some time in their chair department.   Massage chairs - electronic store and all... 

Exhibit C:

You want me to move?  Just five more minutes.

Friday, we hit the road and I went to New Orleans for my friend Jim's birthday (or as our friend Mark pointed out to EVERYONE, Jim's FORTIETH birthday).  I have promised not to publish photos of people without their permission.  We agreed that what happened in NOLA, stayed there.  Hint - we ate, we drank and we antiqued.  But it sounds so much crazier if we take a blood oath.

Here's me:

They encouraged me to buy it, but where the hell would I wear it?

Here are a few gratuitous food pictures:

Charcuterie from Domenica, courtesy of James
Double order of Beignets, which I shared equally with Jim.  Honestly.

We got home late Monday, and from there, I hit the ground running.  We're headed to see Matt's family this weekend.  Looking forward to that.  The following weekend, I suppose I'll be headed to the Mountains for Memorial Day, though maybe not.

Once we hit June, I can take a breather.

Not really, but that helps me sleep easier at night.

Now, there are a few photos out there from both trips that other people took.  I know for sure there are some great photos of me in a hard hat.  As soon as I get those from other people (James, I'm looking at you), I'll post a few.

For now though, I might just go to bed early.

Be young, be foolish, but be happy.