Packed my bags last night, pre-flight...

So, in about seven hours, I'll be leaving for the airport.  Headed to Chicago, then to the suburbs thereof.

I have already packed my New Orleans bag and left it with Jim.  So, now all that remains is to finish packing the Chicago bag.

At this point, it's mostly shoes, underwear, toiletries and pajamas that need to go in.

And I need to go grocery shopping for my sweet husband.  Get a little Bachelor Chow in the house:

I also need to get my backpack outfitted.  Would it be snazzier to carry a shoulder bag with my computer?  Maybe, but I've decided to be my best authentic self and keep the backpack.

To quote my parents, "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke!"

Well, I could sit here and type out all the things I need to do before James arrives to go to BNA, or I could go and... I don't know... do them.

Wish me luck.  A lot of luck.