I am having a hard time trying to cope with the fact that I have a whole long weekend laying out in front of me and no appointments to keep, no drives to make, no parties to attend...

As of now, I'm planning a few trips to the Y, getting some vegetables at the Farmers Market, and I might do a little painting... of my cabinets in the kitchen.  Kind of excited about that, even though I'm not the greatest painter in the world.

I tend to do better when I have firm plans.  Otherwise I kind of dither and plod and end up killing time without any personal satisfaction.

I should probably schedule some kind of personal care appointment into my long weekend.

This week at work kind of wore me out.  I have no idea why.  I was really out of sorts - and it was obvious to those people who have to deal with me day in and day out.  I lost patience easily.

Today, I had a call that took every shred of patience I had left.  The customer in question, a group of people I really like, told me I talk really fast.  And they're right, and I know that.

So I tried to slow it down today, and I suspect I sounded vague and dumb.

I felt vague and dumb.

And then, I left work and came home.

We had a little Greek for dinner, and now, hockey.

I should come up with a to do list, or it'll be Monday night before I know it.