It's not all beer and roses...

After a month of racing around, it's starting to slow down a little.  And that's probably a good thing - I could use a break.  I need to think about what's going down for Memorial Day.  I kind of want to go see my family, but I wouldn't mind a long weekend in town - maybe getting a haircut, a pedicure. Spend some time at the Y, some time poolside.  Hit up the Farmers Market.  That actually sounds kind of great.  

We went to see Matt's family this weekend - a wedding, of sorts.  Cousin Jim and his new wife Anna re-enacted their vows - having gone off and married on the downlow back in December.

We got to see everyone, and I enjoyed it greatly.

And that's really all that's going on.

I'm open to suggestions on my new hairstyle.