American Girl

I managed to keep pretty busy this weekend.  I initially typed "pretty busty" - but that's every day.  Muahahah.

Anyway, I went to Water Aerobics Saturday morning, first thing, then stopped in at the local Home Depot to give them some money and a little love.  By noon,  I was paining cabinets.  That was an all-day affair, and into the night just a bit.  Then Matt and I watched a movie and crashed.

Sunday morning, I put on some new shoes:

Amazing how actual dance sneakers make dancing easier.

and hit up Zumba at the Y, then came home and finished up the cabinets, and they look amazing.

Shitty photo, but you get the general idea.

So I started cleaning up putting things back, and finally did a run for dinner and Redbox.  We ate, then watched 50/50 with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen.  Love them both, for sure.

This morning, I investigated the garbage disposal, which had come to a grinding halt last night.  Turns out, it will not dispose of a nail.  Given the corrosion and nail damage, and also because the nail was completely stuck in the damn thing, I opted to go ahead and get a new disposal.  An early visit to Home Depot, for more money and love dispensing.  I got home and dressed for Zumba.  I had to make what I hope is my final HD run of the weekend for some electrical supplies and plumbers putty.

Matt was taking a nap when I finally got home, so I decided to take a detour and get my pedi on.

OPI's Thrill in Brazil.  Model's own shoes (from Old Navy).

Now I'm back home, and about half-way through installing the new disposal.  I don't totally trust my wiring skills, so I have some concerns about finishing sans Matt.  But I also don't want to wake him.

But I'd love to have the sink back so I can actually cook dinner tonight.

Decisions, decisions.



Hey, my disposal is broken, too. You're welcome to come down to Tejas and fix it.