When life hands you strawberries...

I went to the Farmers Market this morning, because... well, because I could.  And to buy pepper plants.  I got in just under the wire of planting them before May 1st.  BOOM!

What I ended up bringing home, other than pepper plants (2 habanero and a jalapeno) was two quarts of local strawberries.  Well, pretty local - Portland, TN.

I dumped them into a colander in my sink, and took a picture:


I looked up a few strawberry cake recipes, then finally, said screw it and went to get stuff to make strawberry jam.

And I thought canning was a pain in the ass - but it turns out that in small batches, it's easy.  And when it's not hot peppers that require serious hazmat gear, it's really easy.

I now have a case of small jars, plus two pint jars full of what look like liquid rubies.

And I made a big egg/ham/spinach casserole for breakfasts this week.

And I cleaned house.

And yesterday, I shopped like a mofo to get ready for Chicago, NOLA and another week at work.

And I am TIRED.

So, I threw some baked potatoes in the oven, I'm waiting on my sweet thang to get home from work, and then...

Steak, hockey, and some strawberry jam.

Nice work if you can get it.