Tie Red

I am really bombed out tired.  Too much fun this past weekend, not enough sleepy sleep.  It happens.

Tonight is Zumba for the first time in over a week - unless we're counting Saturday night at Play where I took it out on the floor for a few hours.  And we're not counting that.

So Zumba it is.

I like the class, I like my classmates.  I do not like having to fight for space on the front row, and I am not, and I mean NOT yielding to the girl in my class who prefers to have me on her left.  She's a friend, but she kind of pissed me off asking me to move because it puts me directly behind the instructor and not to her right, which is my preference.

It's all about me tonight, bitches.

And always.

Well, no, not always.

My friend Jim told me today that his friend Gary likes me best of all of Jim's girlfriends.  I like it.  I'll store that compliment away for a day when I'm feeling low and need it.  I'm kind of fun, as it happens.  A pistol, if you will.

I think I may lie down pre-Zumba.

It's going to be a long week.  Zumba tonight, Hockey with Matt and James tomorrow, then Weight Watchers with all my sisters in adiposity Wednesday, and I was thinking of baking Thursday.

It's all good, friends.




"Adiposity"*giggles* Thanks, I needed that.