The things we do...

I spent a little time in New Orleans this week.  I'd tell you it was for work, and to be honest, it was.

But there was a lot of playing that went down - eating, drinking and general merriment.  Debauchery.  Love it.

The work I did was solid, but I also got to check some things off my list:

Hurricane from Pat O'Brien's - check.  Actually drank two of them.

Muffuletta from Central Grocery - check.

Shrimp Po Boy - check.

Gumbo - check.

Beignets and cafe au lait from Cafe du Monde -

Can't talk.  Eating.

How guilty do I look in that photo?  And how depraved?  They were amazing though.

I also drank a few beers, and something that looks like anti-freeze, but was called a Hand Grenade.

Needless to say, I am embracing sobriety and culinary moderation for the foreseeable future.   I'm lucky I never had to embrace the porcelain god.

Still, it was an epic trip - and I think we made our customers happy... which is why I put myself through the aforementioned torture.


I got back last night and the husband, Jim and I went to watch the Preds beat the Red Wings.  Jim, who is a devoted Wings fan, was a good sport, and we had a killer fun time.

And then this morning, I had a little fun with my colleagues.

About six weeks ago, I was asked to emcee our company's quarterly meeting.

I like to bring it, so I decided to suit up for it:

What's black and yellow and fuzzy all over?

So, this is the suit I chose.  Flattering?  No.  In fact, my opening was, "So I think the reason for the bee outfit is obvious.  It's really slimming."

My connection is that was trying to generate some buzz.

I nailed it.  My audience of about 200 colleagues across the country gave me mad props.  The CEO hugged me for luck.

My boss' boss left me a very nice voice mail.

Basically, lots of strokes this week.

And it's not exactly like I needed them, but hey - I'll store them up for a later date.

Now, as you might image, I'm exhausted.  I actually took a nap after dinner.  A pre-bedtime nap.


So, I'll get through tomorrow, have a weekend to rest, do laundry and wrangle the growing drifts of dog hair.

And then, another jam-packed week, and onward/upward.

I found out just before I left for NOLA I'll be spending a week at our parent company's HQ in May.  I'm very, very excited, incredibly honored, and a little nervous.

I think I'll leave the bee suit at home for that one.