Socially Awkward

So, last week in New Orleans, I had to go to a cocktail reception where I didn't know anyone.  Well, I vaguely knew a lot of people, but I wasn't feeling especially "on".

So I went to the lobby of the reception area and one of the servers asked me if I was looking for the restroom.  I replied, "Nope, just crippling social anxiety, thanks though."

It's odd that someone with my flair for drama and public speaking hates cocktail parties, but there you go.

I point this out because tonight, I had to go to a very strange last-minute dinner with some consultants who are working to synergize some paradigms or something.  I'd explain better, but I'm not sure I understand.  All I know is I was told there was dinner. I was asked to be there.  And given that I've spent my life waiting to be picked for the kickball team, that was all I needed.

Look, I shouldn't be sent to business dinners.  I basically tell inappropriate stories, I'm a goofball, and I eat salad like I was raised in a barn.

That said, I'm kind of fun, and I'm definitely of the real deal. I think people respond to that.

And you know, showing up is half the battle.  And I think we know, I can show up like a mofo.

So, dinner tonight was filet mignon, broccoli and salad.  A little white wine, a lot of conversation.

I really wanted dessert.  I did not order it.

I may actually have a few social skills, after all.

As for that cocktail party, after a few deep breaths, I went back in and made it my bitch - and then we took a bunch of customers to dinner, where I talked business, I was charming, and as a result, I now have at least one guy who wants to come to our user conference.  It could be my mad skillz as a trainer, but I prefer to think it's because he knows that we like to rock the party.

And, we do.