How crude.

So, in the past, I used to make a coconut cake for Easter - but given my recent issues with adhering to Weight Watchers, I decided not to tempt fate.

And so, I am taking an Easter basket to work tomorrow filled with crudites.

I'll post a picture.

I made two dips. One is a homemade ranch, recipe courtesy of The Pioneer Woman.  The other is jarred salsa mixed with sour cream.

Fancy, no, but it will do.

I am a little disappointed not to have a cake, but them's the breaks.

Saturday, Lola is going to the vet for her annual.  I expect the news to be about what you'd expect from a 13 year old dog with a heart murmur.

After that, a person from the Home Depot is going to come see us to give an estimate on cabinet refacing. I'm kind of stoked.  Kind of completely stoked.

As to the rest of the weekend... I want to do something fun, but I don't know what we'll end up with.

It's all good.  I have dye for eggs, should we end up going that route.  I kind of want to go out, but I don't know if I'll end up doing it.  Revenge of the Nerds is playing at the Belcourt, and it'd be fun to get a crowd.  But I realize I'm boring, and that most people want to do something splashier.  Well, I mean, the movie starts at 11PM, so you know - if you're going to be out that late, shouldn't it be all glam?

Then again, I'm the woman who convinced a ton of very cool party people to go bowling on New Years Eve. So maybe...



That's about it for now, from here.

And you?