I have to keep a low profile on the major religious holidays.  It's not that I don't celebrate Easter, it's more that I don't celebrate it as a religious thing.  I'm all about the eggs, the bunnies - the corruption of the pagan celebration of Spring.

But I don't do Church, or a new dress, or even a brunch this year.

I am about to go out and hack down a bunch of ivy.  Make the place respectable.

Speaking of home improvement, we had a guy come give us a "no obligation" estimate for refacing our cabinets.

I believe we'll be doing our own.  It was about double what I expected, and the guy was so pissed that were not ready to sign on the dotted line RIGHT THEN, that he slammed his stuff into his briefcase and left.

See ya, asshole.  You just turned a maybe into a no.

So now, I'm thinking paint.  Tear out the countertops, add a new cabinet ourselves, remove the drop in range, add a free standing range.  Paint what we've got, and bring Lowe's in to do countertops.  Because Home Depot sent us Rod, the angry refacing man.  I'm done.

And that's how I celebrate Easter, Passover, Spring.

I'll be taking it out on the ivy if you need me.