Fool me once...

So today is April Fool's Day.

I've never been much good at coming up with a gag... but today I decided to try to fool my friend, Jim.

Why?  Because he regularly gives me a heart attack by telling me I hit reply all on an email I've sent him...usually something really mean and snarky meant for his eyes only.

So around 2PM, I sent him the following text:

ae:  I thoroughly enjoyed last night.  Gary is a great guy, and you both have killer moves.  On an unrelated note, how would you feel about being Uncle Jimmy?  Took a little test this AM, scored a pink plus sign. :- {

Within seconds, I received a text back:

Jim: Ha, u not fooling this guy ; )

To which I replied:

ae:  Dammit, Jim.  I need dumber friends.

It's all I've got.  It wasn't super funny, but I honestly thought I'd get him to buy into it.

Oh well - only a few hours left and I'm all out of fooling.

I really do need some dumber friends.  And don't let his poor grammar in texts fool you.  He's actually very smart.