Back to life, back to reality

Sometimes I get caught up in the headiness of it all - hosting meetings, eating fried foods... traveling to strange and exotic locales, watching hockey games...

Today, I'm back to Earth, and what a jolting landing.  I really need to get a few things done today.  Laundry, sweeping, planting peppers, grocery shopping.

But then there's all the things I want to do that are a bigger distraction, ergo, more fun.

I'd like to go to the spa for a little something-something.  I was thinking of doing a home keratin hair treatment.  I need new black dress pants.

I want, I want, I want.

The house, however, clearly needs a little love.  The kitchen is a mess, there are huge dog hair tumbleweeds everywhere, and - well, it is what it is...

I think I'll compromise.  Work from now til lunch, and then I can spend the afternoon guilt-free.

And then, we'll go from there.