I've been such a social butterfly this week that I'm basically at a point where I'm worn out.

There are worse problems to have, believe me.

Last night, I stayed out way too late, and by the time I got home, I was over the line.  I knew I'd have a hard time getting to sleep because I was too keyed up, and too aware of how little sleep I'd get.

As I was laying there, I had this overwhelming sense of gratitude wash over me as I thought of all the friends I'd spent time with over this last week.  And all the kindness that they had shown me, and all the joy that my friends add to my life.  I honestly teared up a little.

Suffice it to say, I'm lucky beyond lucky.

Tonight, we opted to stay in - Matt, who has also been burning a candle at both ends has already gone to bed.  It just hit 8PM.  I took two calls on the house line just after he crashed - the Firefighters, who want money... they're so tenacious I had to hang up.

Then the Red Cross wanted to know if they could have a pint of my finest - I told the nice lady I was deferred til August and she offered to put a note on my record.  Thanks Chelsey.

I went to the Clinique counter at Macy's today, to get outfitted with some foundation.  I don't always need it, but it does even out my tone a little.  The woman there was exceedingly nice - I'll be going back for Bonus Time at the end of the month.  Yaaaay - Dramatically Different Moisturizer!!

This weekend, I may go out for a bit to meet friends at the bar, because although I complain about being tired, it's better than being bored.  Or boring.

There have been some really good things going on at work  - I won't bore you with details, but I find that I have allies everywhere, and that I am headed in the right direction, and I'm getting good feedback.  I was thinking about my last company the other day, and describing it to someone, realizing how toxic it was.

Our new guy seems amazed at how open we all are at this office -if he only knew what I'd come from.

And really, that's kind of the main gist of things here.  I'm going to be getting into a Bracket for March Madness at the office.  Can you believe I graduated 15 years ago this month?  I can't, either.

Well, that's the long and short. 

Stay classy...