Who do I have to f*** for a basket of assorted breads?

I love brunch.

I almost never get to go to brunch, but I do love it.

More bread, madame?

If I could plan a perfect day for tomorrow, here's exactly how it would play out:

8:30 - Wake up.  Walk and feed Lola.

9:00 - Hot shower with assorted soap, body washes and amazing exfoliants.

9:45 - Dress in loose, soft, beautiful clothing, Birkenstocks.

10:15 - Depart for Brunch.  Let Matt drive.

10:20 - Brunch with a crowd of my favorite people.  Coffee, pastries.  Bacon?  

11:45 - Leave brunch, drop Matt at home, head for spa.

12:15 - Arrive at spa.  Get a facial and a massage.  Drink lots of cucumber water, use their steam room and shower.

2:45 - Leave spa.  Go to Trader Joe's.

3:00 - Find Trader Joe's surprisingly uncrowded, free of dumb people and small, poorly-behaved kids.  Do some shopping.  Nothing perishable, so I can head to the mall afterward.

4:00 - Leave Trader Joe's and head to mall.

4:10 - Arrive at mall.  Stop and get a Christie Cookie and some milk (Vitamin D is a building block of life).

4:15 - Head to Charming Charlie's.  Shop for accessories.

5:15 - Found tons of great necklaces in the right length.  Bought them.  Leave mall.

5:30 - Arrive home.  Walk Lola.  Nap.

6:45 - Wake up.  Feed Lola.  Cook some pasta with pesto.

7:30 - Eat small plate of pasta.  Let Lola have a little pasta (no pesto).  She loves pasta.

8:00 - Watch romantic comedy with Matt and Lola.  For some reason, Matt actually enjoys it and doesn't make snarky comments.  Lola loves romantic comedies, so she's happy.

10:00 - Matt, Lola and I go to bed.