Well, now that was creepy...

So, I went to lunch with a colleague/friend from work, with a mission of hitting up Clinique Bonus Time at Dillard's.

She asked if we could run by and tour a daycare center where she is considering putting her daughters, and I thought, why not?

But there's something a little weird about checking out a daycare if you are not in need of their services.  Mostly, it made me glad I don't have kids.

Best episode of the Simpsons, ever?  Top five, at least.

Kids are great, but they're just not for me.

On the other hand, I did get some excellent product at Clinique, with freebies to boot!  I love free stuff and I cannot lie.

I opted for violets, natch!

My other project of the moment is getting it together financially - I got paid today and already I owe, I owe.  It's all good.  I mean, I think that Vanderbilt needs to get a sense of humor about me paying them, but other than that...

I am getting my brakes fixed tomorrow.  I have no idea what that will run, but I'm hoping in the $300 range or less - because otherwise... sheesh, it's over before it starts.  My pay period, that is.

And that's really the sum and total of everything at the moment.