It's funny because it's true...ish.

I saw this strip by my favorite cartoonist, Hilary Price, the other day and wanted to share it with you:

And I love all ten of you big, big!

I know I don't have the readership of, say, Perez Hilton or The Pioneer Woman, and that's fine.  I assume it's still only a matter of time before I get discovered and I become famous.

I'd like to go ahead and pick a few possible people to play me in the movie of my life:

Casey Wilson, Joan Cusack and Caroline Rhea.  None of them are the right age, and they all have blue eyes, but that's fine.  I'm willing to take some creative liberties.

I'd also accept Alia Shawkat, assuming that the movie of my life will come out at the precise right time that she'd be about perfect to play me.  Gotta think ahead.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do think quite a lot of myself.  But it's not like I said, I think I need to be played by Gisele Bundchen or Kate Moss.

Because that would be gross.  Plus, I don't think they can act. Have you seen the chops on Joan Cusack?  Exactly.


If I'd read your post 10 minutes earlier, I totally would have stolen that cartoon for my blog today. :)