In like a lamb?

We're in that weird time of year where the weather really makes getting dressed in the morning a real challenge.

Because it might be 70 and raining when you leave for work, but by the time you head home in the evening it's 40 and clear.

And sure, 30 degrees isn't severe or drastic - but it's inconvenient.

Of course, it doesn't really even matter what it's like outside, because of course, we have no idea whether the office will be set to "nipped out all day, even though you have on your most padded bra" or "sweat stains under your pits by 10AM".  And there's really no middle ground there.  It's inexplicable.

To top it of - I hate everything in my closet.  I mean, even the stuff I love, I hate because it's all I have.

And I'm heavier than I'd like to be, which means my clothes don't fit right, and I feel all bloaty and gross.

Today has been good from a diet standpoint.  I'd like to be eating my feelings, which would taste like Pinkberry peanut butter yogurt with a honey drizzle.

Or brownies that are undercooked by about six minutes.  And some coffee ice cream.  And maybe some hot fudge sauce.

Or some gnocchi with gorgonzola.  And a huge side of garlic bread.

A bowl of pimiento cheese - room temperature, with some saltines.

You get it - I want sugar, salt, fat and starch.   What I did instead is eat some grapes.

I may also have some rice crackers before bed.  You just never know.

What I can tell you is that bedtime will be soon - because you can't eat while you're asleep.  And dreaming about food is far less fattening.  Plus, I am flat worn out.

Don't worry, I know how lame it is to read this - try living it.

I'll have something interesting to say later.  Maybe tomorrow.

I have the chance to go to an Art Crawl Saturday.  I'm thinking I need to do that.

Because it would be foolish to hide my light under a basket.  Or something.



That's all.