How sweet!

I spent the weekend in Atlanta.

I left Matt and Lola here to fend for themselves, which meant that I could leave a few minutes early for work, and I was at my parents' house by about 10PM.  We stayed up late, then got up and had breakfast at one of my favorite spots in my hometown - Douceur de France - a French Bakery/Cafe.

After breakfast, Mom and I got dressed up and went to a baby shower for an old classmate and friend of mine.  We came home, I put on some grungy clothes and planted tomatoes for Dad, then cleaned the koi pond.

After a quick breather on the porch, Mom and I made our way out to pick up a few little fun things for Henry for Easter.  As we were pulling up to the house, I noticed my parents' neighbors were out across the street with their son, Jim his wife, Melissa and their two daughters, Maggie and Katherine.  I went to school with Jim - we are a month and a half apart in age  - and I've known him as long as my own family.

We walked across and visited for a few minutes.  Katherine sang a few songs for us - she's four.  She's really, really cute.  Maggie was also cute, but a little shy.

We came back to the house, got ready to go out for dinner and went to Rhea's - which, if you're ever in Roswell, GA - you need to get there and get there fast.  The best burgers a money can buy.  They're on grilled Texas toast, and they're just perfect.  Perfect.  The fries are just crinkle cut and deep fried, but oh, those burgers!

We did a few little errands, then came home and snuggled pugs.  After a good night's sleep, we got up, had a leisurely breakfast and I packed up and came home.

It was quick, but I have plans to go back in a month.

I need to go more often.  Dad isn't getting any younger, Mom enjoys spending time with me - and the pugs love me.  Plus, I have to check on the koi and my tomatoes.

It's funny.  I lived in Roswell or within 20 minutes thereof for 30 years, but if you were to ask - Nashville is most definitely home.  Or at least, one of my homes.

It's good to go home, and it's good to come home.