What a freak!

So, I tried Aqua Zumba tonight.  Not a fan.

For one thing, the pool at the Maryland Farms Y is a zoo - lots of kids at Swim Team practice, the locker rooms are kind of shabby, it just wasn't my thing.

Second, the instructor was... less than inspiring. And the class consisted of me, a pregnant woman and a couple who stumbled onto us while waiting for their kid to finish swim lessons.

And finally, there were the swim lessons.

There was a kid, age 7 or 8 getting lesson, and he was having full blown meltdown.  He was just flipping out.  Crying, screaming, thrashing.

I had to laugh when the preggers lady turned to me nodding at the kid and said, "What a freak!" I instantly fell in love.  Her name is Stacy, she's due in May with a boy, and she's having foot cramps

So then the freak and his instructor swam by.  She assured us he was OK, he had on a life jacket, but had nearly drown as a young child and was getting over his fear of water.

I said something like, "Yeah, he definitely sounds OK".

I am nothing if not perceptive and helpful.

So in other news, I went to Dr. S, my hair cancer doctor for the last time yesterday.  I'm cured.  Well, I still have to see my regular dermato, and that's OK.  I also made an annual exam appointment with the much loved Dr. E today - gotta get my Pap Smear and what not.

Here's what she wins, Bob!

My diet is going well at the moment - I've committed to tracking this week, which I hate.  So I'm working on ways to make it more Right Brainy/Big Picturey friendly.

Good times.

Meanwhile, back at work, I'm getting lots of warm fuzzies:

Knock it off you fucking hippies.

I got asked to help with revamping our bi-monthly company
meeting, and I am STOKED.

So that little pity part I was having yesterday?  Well, I've decided living well is the best revenge.  It's all good.

Go fig.

And with that, it's bed time.

Good night, Prinzes!