No,'s why you're a bad person...

We received an e mail this afternoon from our office manager:


If you are one of the many who use the workout room please remember that there is another floor beneath us who have employees trying to work. The Property Manager reached out to me today saying she has had numerous complaints about the noise coming from our floor (mostly around lunch time) that sounds like someone is dropping something really heavy on the floor. This is a disturbance to those trying to work on the 3rd floor.

In the future please be considerate of the company below us and put your weights down easier so the sound doesn’t carry to the below us.

The weights should never be dropped/thrown to the floor for any reason. If you cannot put them down softly you may want to think about lifting lighter weights.

Thank you

Sally Friendly* | Office Manager

* Name changed to protect the innocent.

I replied to my nearest and dearest with the following: 

Is anyone else surprised that people from the 3rd floor could positively identify what noises coming from a workout room sounded like?

Have you seen these people?  They get on the elevator at the second floor with a cup of coffee and a muffin the size of a newborn baby, sweating and out of breath and they heave themselves off the elevator onto the 3rd floor.  Sure, they’re wearing sweatpants, but only for the elastic waist and not for their lunchtime jog.

I recognize that I didn’t make the cover of SI’s Swimsuit issue again this year, but compared to these mouth breathers, I’m Jane Fonda circa 1982.

The only thing heavy they’ve ever dropped on the floor is their lunch box.

I’m just saying.

And that's why I'm a bad person.  Although, I've gotten a few "amen"s in reply.