Matrix, matrices, metrics.

So, we have a customer in house for training.  He started by telling the two salespeeps how impressed he was with my mad skillz (not in those exact words) time we trained.

Which, to give you a recap, was over a year ago.  We were in a group session the day before the first User Conference, and this crazy bitch showed her ass in front of about two dozen other customers and left me with my mouth hanging open.  We all know I'm not speechless often.

She stormed out of the room, and this customer's colleague (a sweet grandmotherly type) who was with him, reaches over pats my hand and says, "I don't think she was very nice..."

Understatement of the century.

Anyway - he came back, and we had one of those great days in work history where you just think, "Son of a bitch, I must be doing something right".  Those are lyrics from a great song called Climbing Uphill from the amazing OCR of The Last Five Years... which is an off Broadway musical that I have never seen, but love anyway.

Sherie Rene Scott and Norbert Leo Butz... listen up, and get schooled:

Shit, now that I think of it - the song that line is from is Summer in Ohio.

Either way, this gal has pipes.  She's also pretty.

And I have mad trainer skillz.  And I'm cute.  Yaaay.

The weekend is fast approaching - I have no real plans, but I am thinking of getting a keratin treatment.

Because if you can't blow money on yourself, who can you blow money on?

Well, anyone, but that's not the point.


Want to hear another great showtune? 

(say yes, say yes):

Enough.  Go play outside and get some fresh air for heaven's sake!