I received a text from my friend Natae yesterday containing a picture that she'd taken the night before at Loser's -  a bar we all went to in celebration of our friend Candice's last day at our company.

Here's the image:

I'd like to think my friend is smiling in appreciation of my goods, but we were actually making fun of someone who wasn't there that night by throwing Captain Morgan poses.  It's a long story.  Just trust me - he didn't even see them.

What she wrote was - "Your tits are amazing.  That is all."

So first I called to thank her for making my day.  Because, she has a point.  Looking good!  What's my secret?  Well,  I'd have to say PMS + Cacique's Balconette bra, + Genetics + a lowcut top I bought for $3.49 at the Goodwill.  Boom!

My next thought was, now, how do I "accidentally" send this to everyone in my phone distro list and make it look like an "Oh, how embarrassing!"?

At which point, I thought, screw it - this is going on Facebook (which means that a few people will be missing it - need to talk to Natae about leaking it to a few of our non-FB friends).

The response has been positive.

Late last night after we left the bar (which was really awesome, but I'll spare details),  I got a text from my friend Jim in which he said I was "the bomb".   Again - he has a point.

I'm a personable sort - I like people, I like to connect - so texting isn't really my medium, but they were both just what I needed when I needed them.  So I'm willing to become a woman of 2012.

But now, I'm going to forward the text from Natae to my husband - because he's out of town working, and I want him to know what he has to come home to.

That is all.



Unknown said…
I'll be happy to help leak the picture - let's talk game plan.