Adventures on Planet XY

So, I went back to Tribe, Nashville's ne plus ultra of Gay Bardom with friends over the weekend.  Matt was out of town, so I didn't feel like I was neglecting him.  Which is good, because I didn't get home til 2:15 AM.

First, we met for dinner, a chic little place near Vanderbilt called Rumba known for it's fancy rum drinks (Rumba, rum drinks....get it?) and small plates.  I had some goat cheese stuffed peppadew peppers and some chicken satay, along with a guava nectar champagne punch.  Amazing.

After dinner, we headed to Tribe where there were go-go dancers.  Four guys in very tight, revealing underwear, standing on stage, shaking it.  One dancer in particular had plenty of "it" to shake.  I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor.  I may look worldly, but aw shucks, Ah'm jest a simple country girl...

Yeah, so this guy, who we'll call Rod, wore a neon yellow pair of briefs (and they were brief), and had serious junk.  Not a large penis, per se, but huge balls.  And they were blowin' in the wind.  I could not take my eyes off of them.

Not to scale.  But pretty damn close.

No, wait - I totally could.  Because the place was overflowing with all shapes and sizes of eye-candy.

Does it make me a bad feminist because I was objectifying all these men?


What if I say I was trying to play wingwoman for the single members of my party?

Yeah, I know - I'm still bad news.

Anyway - the music was hot, the scenery was pleasant, and the company was excellent as always.

At one point, I split off to hit the ladies' room.  There were three doors - Men, Boys and Girl (the s appeared to have been removed).  When I got back, they asked me if there were guys in the loo with me.  There weren't.  Now, the next time I went back, there were.   In fact, three guys in drag asked me to take their picture.  Two of them looked amazing - the one in thigh high hooker boots and the one dressed as a geisha. The third guy had on a dress, but no wig, no makeup and a full beard.  He may not have gotten the memo.

Today, I asked my friend about the two restrooms - one for boys, one for men.  Turns out they're the same bathroom with two different doors.  He had never noticed they were marked differently.

And I guess that's where I'm coming from with my post.  The beauty of being exposed to things you don't see every day is that you notice the details more.  

And of course, it's interesting to people watch.  I don't want to sound all Gorillas in the Mist here - because it's not like I'm trying to infiltrate the culture and write a sociology textbook.  It's just that I enjoy going out, I like the company of the people I'm with, and I think Tribe is a kickin' bar.  I loved Manuel's in Atlanta.  I enjoyed The Globe in Athens... none of them have anything in common but a liquor license.

Ok, one last thing about Tribe and then I'll let it go.  They have showtunes from 5-10 every Sunday.  I might go hang there one day and have a few drinks and listen to their DJ spin it.

This might be the most awesome thing ever.

Since tomorrow is Mardi Gras, I'm stopping on the way in at Publix to pick up King's Cake.  I'll probably also wear the beads I got Saturday night.

Laissez les bon temps...