That Amaz...on!

I'm headed to Seattle next week for work, and since Southwest doesn't offer in-flight wifi (perhaps the only thing Delta does "better"), I will need some reading material.  I don't want to spend a lot of money, so this morning, I did a search at Amazon for free stuff I could throw onto the Kindle.

Well, as it turns out, I haven't looked at the free stuff in ages.  And...

As it also turns out - you know how we thought I was super cool and hip?  Well...yeah, I'm not.

See, Kindle has a lot of free content that is  And, you know, I like porn - well, I don't actually like porn - I think it's pretty hilarious - but I understand that men are visually stimulated and that men like porn.  So that's fine with me.  

I guess technically, since this is written material, it qualifies as erotica.  Again, I'm down with that.

Except - there was some fairly specific content on Amazon.  I submit, for your amusement:

*A is for Anal

*The Madame X School of Sex

*Elf Bitten; A Taryn Milloy Fantasy

*Stepdad Likes to Watch (Insatiable Stepdaughter)

*Bheca's Time at College With Jennifer [this is the worst title ever, seriously]

*Free Fuck - A Stranger Gangbang

*XXX-Tra Credit

*Skip Day with Brother

*Naughty Puppies [not a mis-shelved Children's Book]

*How to Eat Another Man's Wife

*The married guy's guide to (extra-marital) guilt-free sexual excitement - without cheating [actually, this title is pretty bad, too]

*Rachel Rabbit is Rarin' to Go

*Pounding My Mother-In-Law [author's name is Raminar Dixon...yep]

and possibly, my favorite - the reason I even decided to post...

*Santa Enters Through The Back Door

I could go on here.  For hours.

No, I didn't download any of it.  

But it made me realize that people out there are a lot freakier than I give them credit for.

Different strokes for different folks.

But if they can get that stuff up on Amazon... why again, am I not a bestseller?

Maybe I should crank out some hilarious fictitious sexploits, slap on my porno nom de plume (Wyntri Mixxx) and make a little cash.

And then, you know - finish the great American novel and cement my name in history forever.  Under my real name.

Yeah, I'll let you know...