Like a one-man band of gypsies...

So I'm here in Columbia, SC.  And I'm waiting for Modern Family to come on, and I ate too much at a meat and three called Lizard's Thicket. 

The food was solid - I mean that in every sense.  I ate too much, but damn it was good.

Meanwhile, I'm watching 9 to 5 - possibly the greatest film about women in the workplace...ever.  It's outdated, but it marked the first time I'd ever heard the phrase "piss off", and I still love it.  Right now, Jane Fonda is hunting down Dabney Coleman.

Face it ladies, we're in a pink collar ghetto.

Yep, love it.

This time next week, I'll be landing in Seattle for a 2 day training class.  As glad as I am to be doing well in my work, I get a little anxious about the training until I'm up in there doing it.

Now, in the meantime, my aforementioned acne problem has gotten worse - I am breaking out like a fifteen year old the morning of class pictures.

I ended up finding a Walgreens and buying a nice little concealer - it won't do much, but psychologically, maybe I'll feel better.

And this time tomorrow, I'll be home.  And I can take the weekend and let my skin heal, do a little exercise, drink some water...

I need to detox from the rigors of visiting three southern state capitals in a single day - oh - and mad props to me - I sent my sweet nephew a nice postcard.

Aunt of The Year?  No, probably not.