I want.

I've been hardcore dieting this week and the results are so far, so good.  But the problem is - with this cold weather, I'm craving rich, hearty food.  Stews, casseroles, bread, gravy.

And since none of these are entirely Weight Watchery, I'm getting creative.

I made myself some butternut squash soup with curry for lunch, and for dinner, we're having a stew I found in the WW Magazine - involving parsnips, sweet potatoes and dried fruit.  I don't know - I would love to bake a macaroni and cheese casserole the size of a double bed, crawl inside and eat till I'm full.  Then pass out in the warm pasta until I woke up hungry again.

I'm easy.

And after that, I'd be cheesy, greasy, and probably queasy.

Beyond that, it's been a weekend of rest.  And that's putting it mildly.  Sloth would be more accurate.  I bought myself a new MP3 player, and I loaded a ton of music on it - that would be the most industrious act I've perpetrated.

I did go by the Home Depot today to pick up paint samples.  We are contemplating a change of color in the kitchen - I've also been thinking about a fresh coat in our mud/laundry room, and I've harbored a few fantasies about turning our upstairs bathroom pink.  Pale, sweet, fresh pink.  Nothing too Pepto or gaudy.

I also want to lay down linoleum tile in the upstairs bathroom.  Stick on tiles, nothing too ambitious.

And since I was dreaming, I might as well look at the countertops,  Corian, Granite?  Laminate?  Never again.

So, it's all about I want, I want, I want.

Meanwhile, Matt and I are watching The Marx Brothers.

And that's how you kill a Sunday.



Now I can't stop thinking about homemade mac and cheese. Mmmmm. Stay away from granite. In a couple of years it's going to be the shag carpet/wood paneling of the early 21st century.