Happy Gnu Year

So, I have to say, so far, 2012 has been pretty laid back.

I actually slept a lot of the day away, and more is the pity - this would have been an ideal day for kicking it old school at a brunch with a lot of Bloody Marys.

That said, the night that preceded the first day of the new year was epic.

I somehow managed to get 17 other people, some of whom I'd never met, to join me in four hours of bowling at one of the local lanes.

Here's some photos from our escapade:

Not the best picture ever, but it's a start!
Artsy Photo of Noise Makers

Note my strike.  I made 2, total.

Jim, his ball, and a new beard.
And doesn't my new makeup look nice?

Two of my favorite peeps.

Some boys and their balls.

Pretty sure we all saw this shot coming...
I did garner an invitation from this to go clubbing/dancing with some of the guys.  I also ended up with a sore knuckle.  But mostly, I ended up with a lot of happy memories of a fun NYE.

Welcome, new year.


Happy New Year, Allie! I want to go bowling! Why doesn't anyone ever take me bowling? *stamps foot*