You go, girl!

What a great, fun day!

Well, I woke up way too early.  It was 6:30, to be exact.   But that put me in a good place to head to Water Aerobics for the first time in far too long.

It was good though - good workout, the class didn't drag, and I feel better.

After the class, I stopped at the brand-spanking new Container Store.  AWESOME.  It was so neat, and the people were so friendly.

I got a few boxes for Christmas presents, I got some cute wrapping paper, and I came home.  We had a nice breakfast together and I did some work around the house.

Around 11, I got the call from my friend Jim, checking to see if I was still in for a trip to The Porter Flea Market - a one day local Art Market in East Nashville.

I said I was, and he planned to pick me up at 1PM.  So I went to Costco and grabbed our Christmas cards.  They're OK.  I had hoped to put together something either funny or unique, but time keeps on slipping away.

After a whirlwind trip to Costco and a quick stop at Publix, I came home.  Matt and I had a quick sushi lunch (hence, the Publix run) and I met up with Jim.

We got to the Market, and it was packed.  Really cool, though - we saw Jim's friends Brian and Randy there.  I guess you could argue they're my friends, too - though I met them through Jim.  Aaanyway... I could have spent some serious scratch there, but ultimately, I just picked up a few little things.

I found a great birthday present for Dad.  It's this:

Just add plant, and stir.

It's a terrarium kit, and all that's left is to buy a small plant to put in there for him.  I think it's the coolest thing ever.  And I would know.

For myself, I got a little something:


Not these exact earrings, but the same vendor.  I got one pair that are bicycles and the other is some little bunnies.  They amuse me a great deal.

After we shopped, well - I shopped - Jim patiently watched me shop - we went to the food trucks outside.  Jim had this gorgeous looking Mac and Cheese concoction, I had a hot chocolate with a chocolate/hot chili marshmallow, courtesy of the Bang Candy Company.

I feel like the most interesting person sometimes.

After we snacked, Jim brought me home and Matt and I watched LSU crush UGA in the SEC championship.  The good news, such as it is, is that Vanderbilt gets a bowl game (albeit local) and UGA will get a pretty good one.  And that just about every SEC team but Tennessee gets to play in a bowl.  Love it.

We had some dinner, I worked on Christmas cards, and tomorrow, I get to spend an evening with this guy:
I don't want a pickle, I just want to ride on my motorcycle.

It's been...way too many years since I've seen Arlo in concert.  He's at the Mother Church - The Ryman - tomorrow night, and I'm going with my friend, Meg.  She's coming to town for work, but really, to come to brass tacks, she's coming for the show.

Since Guns and Roses is also playing downtown tomorrow night, I need to make plans for somewhere to have dinner.

And then, it's back to work.

And even that promises to be pretty good.