One of the great/terrible things about my parents is that they're both amazing cooks.  So, we had an off the chain weekend with them, culinarily and otherwise.

Dad made his potato salad (which involves bacon and green olives and it's just amazing).  Mom made hot fudge sauce, and cookies.  They had a low country boil Christmas day.  And there were bagels and almond tart, and pimiento cheese.

Can you tell I'm hungry?

I didn't have breakfast until after Yoga today - then it was a few pieces of cheese and some fruit.  Lunch was a Lean Cuisine.  And now I'm waiting to go to dinner with Matt.  We were supposed to have sushi together for lunch, but one of us dawdled and waited too long (his name rhymes with Schmatt).  I am now waiting for Matt to take a fifteen minute nap, then get a quick shower, then get dressed and then FINALLY, I'll get my sushi.

As it turns out, that's been a late entry into the nice surprises of 2011.  I never thought I particularly liked sushi, but then, the only stuff I'd ever had was from Publix or Whole Foods.

Several weeks ago, I went to a place called Bodeli with a colleague - they make the stuff right in front of you.  And it was amazing.  I couldn't believe it.  

To make sure it wasn't a fluke, I took another colleague last week.  Again.  Amazing.  And he was kind of new to sushi, too - and he loved it.

Now, I'm taking Matt - or, since I'm kind of broke, he's taking me.  Which is fine.  I love a good meal, and I've been doing most of the driving, so I'll take payment in California rolls.  Or whatever.

One of the things I love about the place we are going is the layout.  It's a big square bar with a conveyor belt, and you just pick things off the belt that you want to eat.  I'm feeling a night of "all-you-can-eat" coming on, but you can also pay per plate - and the price is determined by the color on the plate rim.

Like this, but in a strip mall in the suburbs of Nashville.

So, that's pretty cool.  It feels both modern AND Modern Times.

And with that, Matt has had 15 minutes.  It's sushi time!!!