That's how I roll...

So, yesterday was payday, and we got our bonuses tacked on unexpectedly.  I wasn't too bummed, let's be honest.

I decided to end my year with a little sussy to say to myself, "Nice work, self!".

So I hit up the Clinique counter at the local Macy's and splurged on two lipsticks.  And because I'm worth it, I had the oh, so pregnant rep help me pick out two colors.

I decided my problem  challenge with makeup is that the dark bold lip colors weren't doing me any favors.  I was looking a little:

Do NOT fuck with Joan Crawford, Mercedes McCameron.

I affectionately call this look Clown Mouth.  Matt would be so proud that I'm referencing a movie he showed me earlier this year.  But let's be honest - I don't need to use  La Joan as my style guru.

So, I recognized the problem and sought a solution.

What I ended up with is two shades I'm kind of stoked about.

Meet Bamboo Pink:

And introducing Heather Moon:

These are lighter, softer shades that make me look a little lighter and softer.  Because as much as I love and have a flair for the dramatic, I have a life that requires a more natural look.

It's like I told the lady at Clinique yesterday - I just want to look like the best, pulled-together version of me as possible.

Now if I could get my nappy head of hair to toe the line, I'd be cooking with gas.

And another thing...I'm thinking of using my birthday spa gift card today for a little R and R with a side of TLC.


But first, breakfast.

And later, a pre-bowling nap.  I am excited.