Promises, promises

I stand, resolute.

So, it’s that time of year, where I make resolutions and, more to the point – let’s see what I promised in 2011 and how I did:

Not bad – I definitely did lose weight, and I’ll keep that up in 2012.  I didn’t cry, and the number on the scale definitely starts with a 1.  My next goal is that I want the second number to be a 6 or lower.  These things take time.

 I definitely stepped up the exercise, with the exception of that period where I was scalped and therefore not cleared for Zumba/Yoga/Aqua Fit…next year, lots more activity!

I made some selfish decisions and they were great.  I’ll definitely keep that up.

I did plenty of good reading – Tina Fey, Susannah Collins, Ernest Cline.  All great.

I ate lunch out less at the first of the year, and then backslid a little.  We’ll work on that in 2012.

I certainly did more writing this year.  I want to keep that up.  It’s cheaper than therapy, and let’s face it – I have a unique voice.

So that brings me to 2012.

I want 2012 to be the year of fiscal fitness.  I’m going to be paying off our new memory foam bed soon (totally worth it), and then I can start throwing money at my credit card and the little nitpicky bills that came up from the Pilomatrical Carcinoma Chronicles.   I’m going to come up with a budget and stick to it.  And while I’ll need some “things” – new clothes, the occasional Kindle download… I need to be happier with what I have.

I’ve also committed to getting the house in shape in 2012.  I want to purge our lives of excess crap.  And that means selling, donating or trashing.  And that’s the plan.   I also want to do some maintenance on the place…I need to repair and paint the rails on the front porch and I’d love to paint the porch and shutters.

Note how fiscal responsibility and home repair are somewhat at odds with each other.   Amazing.

And I guess that’s enough.

For now.

Let's see this time next year where it plays out.