Low Impact Joylessness

I had today off.  Well, I took today off - and so I decided to get a little pre-Christmas workout in.  And what to my wandering eyes did appear?  An 8:30 AM Aqua Zumba class at Maryland Farms Y.

So I strapped into my suit, got in the car and drove down.  To learn that Amy, the Aqua Zumba instructor had a sub.  Lynn.

Lynn gave us water aerobics with music.  Shitty music, like a disco remix of "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie.  And a slowed down version of "Hit The Road, Jack".  And what sounded like a cheap knock off of "Chariots of Fire" played on an even cheaper synthesizer.

It sucked.  I may have gotten a little workout, but mostly, it was just pitiful.

Plus the Maryland Farms pool isn't as nice and sparkly as Green Hills, their locker rooms are kind of weird, and there was a creepy old dude lurking and watching us work out.

I was put off and put out.

I might have burned 200 calories.  Maybe I earned one activity point for Weight Watchers.  Let's not even talk about how badly that is going at the moment.  Badly.  Very.

And we're leaning hard into the curve that is the holidays.

More soon - for now, I have a date with my husband.  And his new internist.