So there have been some changes.

My company got acquired today by Underwriters Laboratories -  UL  - you know, the people who stamp every plug and lightbulb with their mark?  Them.

Anyway - I've been hearing a buzz about it for about a month, and the buzz got really loud about 2 weeks ago.

And today, it happened.

So far, the only thing it means is we'll get better benefits, a new logo and a new corporate boss.  No layoffs are planned, and as far as I know, they're not going to abuse us with money.  Does that ever happen?

It's not the first acquisition I've stumbled through, and it may not be the last.

But apparently, it had me more stressed out than I realized.  After the announcement today, every muscle in my body relaxed, and I was sore like I'd gone to some sadistic class like the ones Missy teaches at the Y.

Now, I wait to see what happens next.  What I'd like to happen is a big check with my name on it and a note in the memo line saying "We think you're awesome and know you could use a little cash infusion".  It's kind of like post-holiday let down, only it's too early for it.

In other less corporate news, we're going to my husband's family this weekend for a big bad Christmas throwdown. I could not be gladder - they're always a hoot.

My friends and I are throwing a huge shindig next week at one of those drink wine and paint a picture places.  I am kind of excited.

Who are we kidding?  I'm stoked.  At the moment, that party is my raison d'etre.

I need to start planning.

But for now, I'm going to wind down and maybe try to get some sleep.

I'm probably going to take a little Chlor-Trimeton to get me there.

It's like Calgon, only with drugs in it.