Why I'm Thankful

Well, it's that time of year again.  How is that possible?  I think we just recovered from last year.

I love Thanksgiving.  It's free from gift-giving, religious guilt and loaded with carbs and fat.  What's not to love?

So, I'll take a moment to flex my gratitude muscle and give a shout out to:

- Drs. Stasko and Iorizzo.  Thanks for curing my hair cancer.  The piece of scalp is nothing, and the peace of mind is everything. 

- Weight Watchers - both the program and the lovely people who run and attend our Wednesday meetings.  I couldn't have gotten this far without you - and even when I give up on the program, it never and you never give up on me.

- How I Met Your Mother.  Sometimes, you just need a little 30 minute break.  And though you've had better seasons, I appreciate the diversion you create.

- Social Media.  I appreciate you for allowing me to express myself.  Even if I don't have anything worth saying.

- JACK-FM.  You gave me the chance to try something I was born to do.  And you were all really nice, and it was honestly just a great experience.  Thank you. 

- Effexor-XR.  I'm pretty sure that Debbie Boone was singing your praises in the song, "You Light Up My Life".  And even if she wasn't, she should have been. Thanks for keeping my keel even, and my fists mostly unclenched.

- Zumba with Carrie.  You are the only thing that could tear me away from my weekly HIMYM fix (see above).  So praise Hulu.  I need this class like Oreos need cold milk.  I love the nice people that join in the fun, and I need to find more classes like this.

- Gainful, fulfilling employment.  Even when it's bad, it's good.  And it's rarely bad.

- My friends. Because I love them.  Because they love me.  Because we bring the party with us.

- My family.  They make me crazy sometimes, but they made me who I am.  And I love them.

- Lola.  She smells bad, she sheds, she's an escape artist, she has terrible manners, and I love her to pieces. And come January, we'll have had 13 lucky years together.

- Matt.  Without whom, none of the above would matter.  Thanks for taking this journey with me and making it more fun.  We'll mark up the Sky Mall together for years to come.