Racing, racing, racing with the clock

Today I am going to have to balance the want to, the need to, and the have to.

Want to:

Go shopping - I have a Kohls gift card and a Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card - both of which are burning holes in my purse.  Plus... JC Penney is having a mega sale and I want a sweater or two.
Take a nap.  Stayed up late last night (more on that in a second), and it's 7:17 and I'm awake.  Six hours does not a good night's sleep make.

Need to:

Give Lola a bath, get laundry done and put away, get ready for the next week, clean my scummy bathroom and our overgrown bedroom.  Get some shit together and take it to Goodwill.  Figure out the grocery situation.

Have to:

Complete ten pages of completely tedious, repetitive manual data stripping for work.  Due to our system's glitch, we now have some poor soul receiving 500 e mails.  That has to stop, and since the hot fix is really more of a tepid fix - I'm the girl with the golden keystroke.  I hate it, but I have to do it.  And I stayed up late last night, but didn't even make a dent. Also, I cannot let it get to dinnertime tonight without getting kibble. Lola is completely out.  She ate some kibble dust this AM for sure.  I am thinking I might try something our new dogsitter recommended.

And, speaking of have to.  Matt's out of town until this evening, so I have until  - let's say 7PM to balance these things effectively.

Now, since both Kohls and JCP open really early, I could head there in the now-ish timeframe, get the benefit of the Doorbuster Savings at JCP ($14.99 for a sweater - uh, yeah, I'll take 2).   But conventional wisdom would say get some work done first and then reward yourself with the shopping.

Less conventional wisdom would say, get the shopping done, come home, bust out 2 hours at the computer, another two in housework and then take a nap.

I love less conventional wisdom...


PS - Notice how exercise and healthy eating didn't make my list?  Yeah - that's what Sunday is for.

PPS - Just checked their websites - looks like I need to delay shopping for a few hours.  So... housework it is.  See, isn't it nice how flexible I am?