The Pipe Man Cometh... and Goeth.

So, thankfully, the plumber came, saw, conquered and left.  And the sink now drains.

I'd love to give him a few hours to work on my bathroom sink, but it drains.  It's just slow.

Anyway - he was done by 9:30, but since I took a day off, that left me with some serious time on my hands.

So here's what I did.

- Put the lights up around the porch

- Paid some bills

- Ordered a few Christmas presents

- Went to Big Lots to look at a wreath

- Met Matt for lunch

- Ate Pho at Koi - it was good.

- Went to Michael's to look at a wreath; bought one

Pretty sure Matt's going to hate it, but I love it.

- Stopped at Walgreens to look at battery operated lights - they didn't have them

- Stopped at Kroger to look at battery operated lights - they had them

- Also bought a turkey and turkey accoutrements at Kroger

- Came home and threw turkey in oven

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!

- Put up wreath

- Fed dog

- Waiting for Matt to come home

- Will start cooking dinner (pasta) shortly, as turkey will not be ready for tonight

So that was a day.  I'm going to Zumba tonight, and can you believe this?  They're expecting snow.  In NOVEMBER.  I mean, yes - the 28th of November, but still.  Yikes.

I haven't bathed today, and in fact, I didn't bathe yesterday (we left Atlanta hastily).  I may hit the showers pre-Zumba, because I can.